Hello and Welcome, Thank you for your interest in joining the LMH Members Site. Please read the following carefully. LMH Members is more than a virtual community of friends, we have become family and welcome new family members. We have many remarkable, talented people here with a shared passion and commitment for truth and doing the ‘inner’ work. We also have a LOT of laughs and fun times.

We also have many ‘energetically skilled’ people and doing energetic work is a big part of our time together, it has been a great learning space for many to discover, develop and hone their energetic skills as well. We have scientists, Doctors, authors, ex-military, teachers, researchers, therapists, abductees, engineers, experiencer’s, psychics, visionaries, artists, musicians, and many plain and simple lovely, heart sourced people — from all walks of life and from all over the world. Their ages range from 15 to 85, and their life experiences are similarly varied. The members make the community and the membership application process is one of the ways in which we endevour to protect and maintain the integrity of the group.

The application process involves filling in the form below and having a brief one on one zoom conversation (video) with one of the admins.

NOTE: Before submitting your application please create a free zoom account at zoom.us as you will need to provide your zoom email address. You will receive a contact request from one of the admins on your zoom app to arrange a time to meet, your information is never shared publicly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will definitely get back to you, usually within 1-4 days (but very occasionally, this may take longer). If our reply isn’t in your inbox, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. We never decline an application by not replying. If you can’t find our response, you’re always welcome to write to admin@lmhmembers.com to ask us what’s happened.

Please see this from our point of view. We welcome your interest, but we know nothing about you. Therefore the only way we can get to know you at this early stage is by what you write below . We thank you for this, and we look forward to receiving your application.

Best wishes — LMH Members Admin Team

Membership Fees are:
$10 USD per month paid either Monthly, Quarterly or every 6 months. There is also an Annual option saving of $20.00